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Sneaky Sound System

Genres: Electronic, Electronica, Dance, Seen live, Australian.

Sneaky Sound System, formed in Sydney in 2001, is a dance-pop group originally featuring Black Angus (Angus McDonald), Connie Mitchell and MC Double D (Daimon Downey). Daimon Downey left the group amicably in September 2009 to pursue other interests. The band has enjoyed considerable success on the Australian charts with hits "I Love It", "Pictures", "UFO" and "Kansas City", and have toured with the likes of Robbie Williams, Jamiroquai, Kanye West, and the Scissor Sisters. The group released their eponymous debut album in Australia on 12 August 2006, eventually reaching double platinum status some time in 2007. Their second album, "2," was released just over two years later on 18 August 2008, spawning four singles. Around this time, "Pictures" was released in the UK, and an album soon after - the UK version was self-titled, but actually consisted of selected tracks from both the original, Australian version of Sneaky Sound System and "2." Their third album, "From Here to Anywhere" was released in Australia on October 7, 2011. Their offical site is .

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