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Andrew Meller

Andrew Meller is a former of 3 projects with over 80 releases behind and few top charts. He literally lifting the crowd to their feet with great choice of music and unique technique. A great enthusiasm and energy that runs through his kits, not only recognized by many clubs who employ him often, but also by many of his fans who regularly attend his performances. Andrew Meller has already become known to many by his unique style and the way he communicate with the crowd. His sets are painted with many different sounds of electronic music: house, tech house, progressive and techno sound. He performed all over Serbia, and his excellent performances and longterm best confirmed rezidenture and cooperation with names like TKNO, Gramophonedzie, Belocca, Dejan Milicevic, Pookie, Peppe, Pray For More, Acim, Goran Starcevic etc. For almost 3 years he was resident at SUS and STUDENT stage at the EXIT FESTIVAL, one of the most popular festivals in Europe. Meller is especially proud with his performances in places where there was several thousand people and fans. 2009, he was a part with the trend set Serbian DJ scene they are actively involved in the project CLUB CULTURE, which main idea is based on professional education and personal development of young talented people who would like to be professionally involved in electronic music. The project aims to set standards and norms that the profession of DJ's and producers have raised to a higher professional level. In addition, one of the main goals of this project is the fight against drugs and violence and positive life attitude. As part of Club Culture Project, it was launched the first DJ Academy in Serbia, and Meller was chosen as permanent mentor in due to unselfishly share their knowledge with the candidates of the Academy. For last 2 years he have released more than 20 tracks for all projects and many of them are still unreleased. He has released for labels like Tauten, Neptuun City, Mad Mole, Teddybear, ROMP, PP Music, Urban Zero… His main goal is to achieve a sound of tech house music with elements of progressive, pumping sound. .

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